Iberostar Hotels and Resorts has been leading the quest towards responsible tourism, with its sustainable and circular policies weaved into all levels of its luxury vacation experience. From in-house compost sites to the Wave of Change pioneering initiative, dedicated to reduce the use of single-use plastic, promote responsible consumption of seafood, and improve coastal health, Iberostar has incorporated its passion for ocean and environmental conservation into its business model.

In the new reality of Covid-19, Iberostar has reinforced its vision: now more than ever we must enforce responsible tourism that cares for people and create healthy environments by promoting circularity policies.

With the help of Cristal International Standards, global leaders in systems and services for brand quality, standards management and related risk management in the hospitality industry, Iberostar's hotels in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have gone through rigorous audit programs on a yearly basis, ensuring they comply with the highest standards set forth for hygiene and health, housekeeping, pools, drinking and pool water quality, as well as dining.

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"Prevention of the Spread of Infection the Immediate Response After Covid-19 for the Tourism Industry"

Designed to address the needs of customers and monitor an effective response to contagious infections

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Evaluates area cleanliness, food handling, structure and equipments conditions, pest control, employee training and documentation

Evaluates pool structure and design, access, safety, dressing rooms, security equipment, maintenance programs, drainage, cleanliness, employee training and documentation 

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Supervises the quality of water, its equipments and procedures, controls and registrations, protocols for legionella (bacteria) and employee training

Evaluates any fire risks and emergency plans, electric security, equipment, emergency lights, signage, area cleanliness

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Evaluates the security and cleanliness of the rooms, including bedding, maintenance problems, pests, furniture, service protocols

Evaluates procedures, facilities, maintenance, furniture, service protocols, personnel training treatments and cleaning of the spa and its wet areas

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Methodical assessment, proportional to the risks and/or threats to which the hotel establishment is exposed. It covers small thefts and material damage, computer security and anti-terrorism measures, prevention and security risk management, protocols and training

Iberostar hotels in Jamaica are not included

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