Our guests are able to take the COVID-19 antigen test on-site before returning to the U.S. at no additional cost* at Iberostar hotels in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Brazil (certain conditions apply, see below for details).

For those guests interested in taking the PCR test, these will also be available in all our properties at a cost.


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In addition to the How We Care measures and as part of the Travel At Ease Complimentary Assurance Package, we are providing Free Antigen Testing for all guests traveling to Mexico and the Dominican Republic with a minimum of 5-night stays and 2 tests max per room.


As a special incentive, bookings to all Jamaica hotels will also get the free antigen test, with a minimum 3-night stay and without a maximum amount of tests per room.


This package includes: extension of stay at no cost up to 14 days, full refund of dates not used (in case of early departure), isolation rooms, among others.

Certain conditions apply.


Overall Peace of Mind with Travel At Ease

In addition to the hygiene and safety measures implemented at all Iberostar properties, we have also expanded what is included with our Travel At Ease Complimentary Assurance.  

  • Antigen tests are available at no charge* (certain conditions apply - see below for details). 

  • Provided by an accredited, CDC-compliant lab

  • Results are provided typically within 30 minutes

  • Valid as long as CDC requires a negative test to enter the U.S.


Guests will be advised upon arrival regarding the details of the testing process and will be able to schedule the appointment in advance.

Travel At Ease

  • COVID-19 PCR tests offered at no charge for those exhibiting symptoms and examined by an accredited doctor

  • Antigen tests are also available at no charge* (certain conditions apply - see below for details).

  • Extension of stay at no cost up to 14 days then a discounted rate* for additional days if required

  • In case of early departure, guests will receive a full refund for the dates not used

  • Masks and gloves are provided free of charge in the case you test positive

  • Single adults who present positive results for COVID-19 and are traveling with children, will be offered special discounted rates for an accompanying adult to care for the children

  • Isolation rooms will be made available for you and your family members with all necessary amenities including constant medical monitoring, contactless room service, in-room entertainment for the little ones, among others.

Visit the Travel at Ease page for more information here.


Leading in responsible tourism, Iberostar implemented the How We Care initiative including 300+ safety and hygiene measures backed by a Medical Advisory Board and world-renowned accredited institutions.


These actions have created the safest environment possible for guests to enjoy their vacation and take full advantage of the luxurious amenities with the utmost care, providing the personalized attention Iberostar prides itself in. 


Over 98% of guests that were surveyed in Iberostar Hotels stated they are Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the safety measures applied.

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* For bookings made after July 1, 2021 a minimum stay of 5 nights is required; 2 tests max per room. Bookings made before July 1, 2021 don't require the minimum length of stay and there is no maximum amount of tests per room. These changes are valid until December 31, 2021 for travel until the CDC requires a negative test.
Special Jamaica incentive is valid until December 31, 2021 for travel until the CDC requires a negative test.
COVID-19 antigen test costs per guest: Mexico: $35 + IVA; Dominican Republic: $35; Jamaica: $40.

Effective November 8, 2021, upon arrival, Iberostar personnel will advise guests that for fully-vaccinated clients, tests will be scheduled no more than 72 hours before the flight's departure. For non-vaccinated clients, tests will be scheduled no more than 24 hours before the flight's departure, in the morning, and results will be sent in the afternoon.